I am a 23 year old security researcher and software developer. I’m originally from Ireland but I now live in Berlin. I’m passionate about using digital technologies to help facilitate and amplify progressive social movements. I have a strong interest in information security and online privacy which will be the main focus of this website.

Along with computer security, I am also interested in chemistry. I have a B.A in Medicinal Chemistry from Trinity College, Dublin. I am a regular contributor to open-source projects, but primarily The Tor Project. Check out my Github profile to see what I am up too at the moment.

It’s always interesting in teaching new communities about tools that they can use to communicate effectively and safely. I regularly work with journalists and activists who would like to improve the digital security skills. Slides from my encryption and Tor presentations at the Dublin Cryptoparties are available under a Creative Common license on Prezi.

I have been acknowledged for reporting web security vulnerabilities in Google products and multiple critical vulnerabilities in the Coinbase Bitcoin exchange amongst others.

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