I can be contacted by email at [email protected] or on Twitter @DonnchaC. I can usually be found idling on Freenet IRC as DonnchaC and on jabber at [email protected].

My PGP public key is available from this server but you should confirm it by retrieving the key over a secure connection from the public key servers. It is also referenced in this server’s DNS records and it can be retrieved automatically by PKA. PGP email is preferred.

PGP: 7EFB DDE8 FD21 11AE A7BE 1AA6 3B0D 706A 7FBF ED86
OTR: B382 7F8C 9091 29C2 9497 045E 5B5E 31B1 D9FC 8031

One thought on “Contact

  1. Michael Browne

    Hi Donncha,

    I found your name on The Bitcoin Meetup page.
    I read that you found some bugs for Coinbase aswell so you seem to know your stuff.
    I have an idea for a bitcoin related business to encourage user adoption of bitcoin.
    Would you be able to make a bitcoin wallet website?


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