Tools and Projects

I have also developed and contributed to a number of open-source projects.

MVT: Mobile Verification Toolkit: Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) is a ground-breaking forensic tool which helps to identify potential spyware and targeted attacks agains Android and iOS devices.

It has been developed and released by the Amnesty International Security Lab in July 2021 in the context of the Pegasus Project along with a technical forensic methodology and forensic evidence. The tool has subsequently been used by civil society organisations and governments around the world to identify additional evidence of unlawful surveillance.

OnionBalance: OnionBalance is a DDoS mitigation and load-balancing tool specifically designed to protect high-traffic Tor onion services. The design relies on a deep understanding of the Tor onion service protocol to enable network-layer protections against onion service attacks.

OnionBalance has powered multiple high-traffic services including Debian directory mirrors, the Facebook onion service and a Tor site for the US government-run Rewards for Justice programme.

OnionTip: OnionTip was a weekend project developed during a 2014 Bitcoin hackathon in Dublin. The service encouraged volunteers to contribute to the Tor network by enabling direct cryptocurrency donations to relay operators.

OnionTip generated donations of more than 35 Bitcoin and lead to new relays being added to the Tor network.