Hello world’ or ‘1’=’1

Welcome to my new website! This is the mandatory, ambitious first post which proceeds the later sporadic activity as the enthusiasm gradually dies away. I don’t have a big picture for this site as of yet.

I registered the domain donncha.is primarily to host my email as I transition away from using third-party email providers. Hosted email is fine, but if your receiving a “free” service, your the product. Your also vulnerable to the whim’s of a provider who may block your account and lock you out of your online life for the slightest reason. I have decide to get an Icelandic domain as they are implementing strong protections for freedom of speech on the internet thanks to the influence of the IMMI, and they’re also easier to get than .ie domains!

Predominantly this blog will just be a place for me to publish projects I’m working on at the moment. Until now I have limited myself to 140 characters and haven’t been able to get idea’s across as I’d like. I also have various half-finished projects left lying around. I’m hoping that actually having a place to publish and get some feedback on my projects will give me the motivation I need complete them. I should have my first proper post up in a day or two outlining some work I have done analyzing the Tor hidden service DHT. Stay tuned!